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To build confident, competent and compassionate citizens through value based quality education



Imparting sound academics.


Providing students 21st Century skills and honing their innate talents.


Inculcating desirable values.


Instilling in every student a sense of pride about the rich Indian heritage and culture.


Building a team of committed and competent teachers to reach the above mission.


Establishing such academic resources that will equip all those involved in educating the society.


LVS, named after Srimathi. Lakshmi Ammal, wife of T.V. Sundram Iyengar, is a registered society under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 and amended by Madras Act XXXIV of 1954 on June 06,1964.

The present The TVS School, originally known as TVS LAKSHMI MARTICULATION HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, was a "dream child of LVS". In the year 1972, this school was registered with just 40 students. Today The TVS School boasts of 4,700 students. Shri. N. Sundram was the first correspondent and then in the year 1968, the correspondentship was held by Shri. K. Surya Narayanan. The curriculum offered was changed from CBSE to Matriculation syllabus to fulfill the expectations of the parents. In the year 1982, Ms. Shobhana Ramachandhran, member of the TVS family, took over the overall responsibility of running the school and is currently our Chairperson.

Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,

The pandemic, no doubt, has unsettled every field of human activity, including the field of education, endangering the academic lives of millions of pupils all over the world. Real schooling (traditional on-the-campus class-room learning) has been kept in suspended animation for about 6 months, owing to the prevailing pandemic.

Thanks to the marvels of communication technology, our School is able to ensure that our pupils are not robbed of their joy of learning. They carry forward with their mission of learning by virtue of on-line classes.

The experience of schooling does not consist in academic learning and knowledge alone; it encompasses the joy of fulfilling a pursuit of one’s own interest, the thrill of inventing and creating, the spirit of competing with one another for perfection, the magnanimity of promoting and sharing human values and what not?

That is why, we have not made any compromise with the activities and events that we had already planned for our pupils. Denial to us by the pandemic of our access to the Campus is not an excuse for us to take for granted our cherished mission and commitment to our pupils.

Constitution of Students’ Council, Investiture Ceremony, Counselling sessions, Open-House, Melange, leadership training programmes and Annual days are the pick of what our pupils have enjoyed participating in. In the pipeline are a few more programmes for the year.

We have also launched a portal that would be home the expressions of the creative urges of our pupils. This portal, besides being a creative platform for your children, is going to be a window that would give you fascinating insights into your children’s ardour of passion for creativity and brilliance of performance.   Don’t miss out!

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News & Events

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board



Bulletin Board


Melange - 29.08.2022

Bulletin Board

STD 6 - 18.08.2022

Debate - Class Room Activity

Bulletin Board

STD - 5 - 02.08.2022

Value Camp - Chinmaya Mission

Bulletin Board

STD - 4

Tamil Mélange

Bulletin Board

STD - 12

Career Guidance - 29.07.2022

Bulletin Board

STD - 10

Class Assembly - 08.09.2022

Bulletin Board

STD - 3

No Bag School Day - 25.08.2022

Bulletin Board

STD - 2

Virtual Field Trip - 26.07.2022

Bulletin Board

STD 1 - Rally

Golden Jubilee - 05.09.2022

Bulletin Board

UKG - Sports Day

Display - 26.08.2022

Bulletin Board

LKG - Sports Day

Display - 26.08.2022

Bulletin Board

LKG - Yellow Day

Colours Day - 07.09.2022